Ana Warthling

Ana was diagnosed on her 7th birthday with a malignant brain tumor called a diffuse pontine glioma. We were on spring break in Orlando when my husband and i noticed that Ana was stumbling and not acting like her usual happy self. To our complete shock Ana was diagnosed in the ER within hours of taking her in that night. We also have two boys Johnny and Oliver. Johnny was six at the time and Oliver was three.

We returned to WNY on Mercy flight because Ana’s tumor was so unstable. Again we were in shock. We went on vacation and we returned three days later with the terrible news that Ana would most likely die from this tumor. Almost every Doctor agreed on Ana’s condition but we decided to do a biopsy. We were now 13 days into her diagnosis and Ana barely survived the surgery. Because her brain bled she was never able to walk again or use the right side of her body.
We continued with radiation and one round of chemotherapy. Unfortuneatly Ana’s tumor continued to grow. Her birthday was March 31 and by the end of June we were advised to stop treatment. Even as i write this story six years later I cannot believe my own story. I remember time going by in slow motion as every minute of every day counted. The memories of Ana’s suffering are so painfull and fresh in my mind.
By the middle of July Ana’s condition changed daily and we decided to bring hospice in to help. It was very important to us to have Ana home surrounded by her family. We were and still are blessed to have incredible families and the support of friends. Ana passed away in our home the morning of August 12th 2005. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don”t miss Ana. I wonder how different my sons lives would be with an older sister.