Christian Showers

Christian was a sweet baby. A month before his 2nd birthday he got sick we took him to the Dr. and was told its a virus that is going around. So after a month and a few visits of him not getting any better but in fact losing weight and looking extra pale they sent us to the hospital to check for ENT issues. My husband went with him to get the CT scan (because I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and was not allowed) When they returned my husband said they had to do it twice because something had shown up, I did not think much of it until a different Dr. came in and said I am so very sorry to tell you this but your son has a mass in his brain. I could not believe what I was hearing my sweet beautiful baby that just turned two, two weeks before now has cancer! He was admitted to the ICU right away on Oct. 13th 2005. On Oct.18th he had his first surgery, it took many hours. Afte r the Dr. was showing us his scan and said it had been wrapped around his brain stem. So he was not able to get all of it out. It came back as an Anaplastic Ependymoma. He had chemo and radiation. He had surgery for a feeding tube because his vocals were messed up and a broviac for treatment. We went for a 2nd surgery in Memphis at Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center with Dr Sanford who had seen more Ependymoma cases. That surgery took it out of him he had paralyses on his left side, couldn’t move his arm or walk and had a crooked smile. But none of that matter to us because we were told he got it all and everything looked good! So for a year Christian was doing well. Then we had another scan and it showed something, so we went off to Memphis again thinking the worse yet again. When the surgery was finished and the Dr. came out with a huge smile and said it was just scare tissue it was wonderful news! However that last surgery had done him in he had a harder time coming off the vent. So after a couple weeks in the ICU we decided the best for him would be a trach. So off for yet another surgery but after he was doing well and we were thankful for that! We were told not to let him play in the pool or tub with alot of water but we did it anyways we let him enjoy his life the best way we could. And for that I am grateful. He was doing good with scans then a month before his 4th birthday we were told it had spread to his spine and at that point there was really nothing else that could be done for him. So we lived life one day at time and did as many things as possible with him to make memories for us and his little brother. He even went to school until Valentines Day they had a big party for him and thanked us for sharing him with them. For the next month we just enjoyed him loved and cherished him for whatever time we had left. Then on March 23rd 2008 which happened to be Easter Sunday he took his last breath in his daddy’s arms. I was outside with his puppy and I think he wanted it that way.
Every year on Christians birthday we take his little brother and sister to the pumpkin farm. We took Christian when we was two weeks old and every year that we had him. So for us its comforting. We all have shirts with his photo on them and we let balloons go with messages written to him. Isabella unfortunately never met her oldest brother but she knows about him and talks about him with us. On his Angelversary we try to give back to the different organizations that helped us. We gave a donation to ST Jude, collected books for his prek classroom, collected stuff for Camp Good Days, threw a party for Stone’s Buddies made a meal for the Ronald McDonald House and will continue to do. All of these places mean alot to our family and its a great way for us to give back in his memory. Our family will never be complete without Christian here with us.

Amy and Darren Showers