Chuck Collard

 Chuck joined the Advanced Care Physical Therapy Team in 2010. As a 20 year telecommunications executive and former Director of Customer Experience with Independent Health, Chuck brings extensive knowledge of operations, human resources, marketing, and customer experience to the Advanced Care Physical Therapy Team.  Chuck is a Board Member at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and is the co-founder of Carly’s Club for kids and cancer research.   He is active in various community and industry wide initiatives and has leveraged his personal and professional experiences to fuel his passion for improving healthcare delivery in Western New York. Chuck has experienced health care delivery from three unique perspectives and is instrumental in helping patients, staff and Advanced Care Physical Therapy partners navigate and improve healthcare delivery in the Western New York.

Chuck believes in the importance of giving back and aligning company resources with community and patient needs whether a patient is battling pediatric cancer, utilizing out-patient physical therapy services, or taking an active role in improving their health.

“Every patient that comes to Advanced Care Physical Therapy should receive a best-in-class patient experience. Our success is a result of the relationships we form with our patients, partners, and referral sources and by providing the highest level of clinical care in our area. There is no greater feeling then seeing how Advanced Care Physical Therapy improves the quality of life of our patients.”   Chuck Collard

As a Certified Usability Analyst, Chuck has improved the patient experience by implementing new business possesses and helping patients navigate the ever changing health care system.  As an outcomes-based organization, Chuck manages all activities with FOTO (Focused on Therapeutic Outcomes)  to ensure patients are progressing well with their treatment plans.  In partnership with Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary, Chuck serves on the BCPA Fitness Wellness Team and assisted with the creation of WNY’s first Medically Managed Fitness Facility. Dr. Robert Gatewood and the BCPA Wellness Team. Since it’s inception, BCPA Fitness has successfully managed 450 patients in the Get Healthy Wellness program. The results have not only improved quality of life for wellness members, but it has directly reduced healthcare costs for patients and insurance carriers. The program is now receiving national attention.