Family Stories

We are honored to share the following stories to remember those who left us too soon and to help parents and family understand they are not alone in the grieving process.   No child will be forgotten as their memories live on to shape the lives of those they have touched, including those they have never met.  Submit your story today!


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”    ……..    Meghan Redenbach 1995-2010

  • In loving Memory

    Angel Lynn Neale, age 15, of North Tonawanda, November 27, 2014 in Women's and Children's Hospital, Buffalo, after a lengthy illness. She was a student in the North Tonawanda School District. She was the Buffalo Sabres #1 fan and also a Justin Bieber fan. She loved her cats Chompa and Stella.

    WVU president announced Canisius High grad and Western New York native Nolan Burch, 18, passed away following a Wednesday night incident at a fraternity house.
    Burch, a 2014 Canisius High School graduate, was rushed to a West Virginia hospital in the early morning hours.
    Christian was a sweet baby. A month before his 2nd birthday he got sick we took him to the Dr. and was told its a virus that is going around. So after a month and a few visits of him not getting any better but in fact losing weight and looking extra pale they sent us to the hospital to check for ENT issues.
    Isabelle, or Izzy as we called her, was born 16 weeks too soon. She weighed a mere 15 oz and was 10.5 inches long. She was smaller than a Barbie doll but she had determination that far outweighed her tiny size. Along with her prematurity came a number of complications that kept her hospitalized for the entire first year of her life
    Colin was a vibrant, fun loving 17 year old, enjoying his senior year at Nichols High School when the headaches started. It was devastating to learn of the tumor on his brain and so, the next difficult three years began leading up to his passing late last year.
    Paul was a happy, healthy, active 19 year old who, at the end of August 2013, began having problems breathing when he exerted himself. He was being treated for exercise-induced asthma and was given two inhalers. Paul had never had asthma in the past (he played many sports his entire life).
    We were told it's a hernia, nothing to worry about. Boy, were they wrong! Andrew was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor in April of 2010. This is a very rare and very aggressive form of a sarcoma. This is a very rare and very aggressive form of a sarcoma.
    Meghan Redenbach didn’t want to be known as “the girl with cancer.” To those who knew the 15-year-old, she will be remembered as much more than that. Meghan died two years after being diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor in her ovaries called fibrosarcoma.
    On February 27th 1992, my wife and I experienced the most amazing feeling wenever imagined, the birth of our daughter Amanda. It was love that was strongernthan anything that we had ever felt before.
    Let me tell you about Lydia, she was an artist, a poet, a musician, anphotographer, she loved school and excelled at it, she was a muchnbeloved sister, she was a fiercely loyal friend, and she was my cherished daughter.
    There have been eight children in our family and each one of them has their own unique story. Matthew’s story had a strange twist from the start. On January 1, 1980 my wife had a miscarriage of a baby that was due to be born in the following June.
    Ana was diagnosed on her 7th birthday with a malignant brain tumor called a diffuse pontine glioma. We were on spring break in Orlando when my husband and i noticed that Ana was stumbling and not acting like her usual happy self.
    In January 1998 our youngest child Bryan complained of headaches. After several visits to the family doctor this seven year old was scheduled for a MRI. By late July 1998 Bryan was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma
    Sean Galliher Jr., while a senior at Williamsville North High School died on January 8, 2004 while running on a treadmill. He was an honor student, an accomplished artist and trumpet player, a baseball star. He volunteered at a soup kitchen and with the Special Olympics.
    Carly lost her hard-fought struggle with Cancer in August of 2002. Little did she know the positive impact that Carly's Club would have on the lives of the thousands of children diagnosed with cancer each year.
    Elly Kausner was 24. She gradutated from Clarence High School and went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree at Canisius College. She was in her second year of law school and was on her way home for a family visit when the crash of Continental Flight 3407 ended her life.
    Melina was a typical young girl just wanting to live an ordinary life. She didn’t want to be a rock star or an astronaut she just wanted to go to school with her friends. She wanted to have a part in the school play.
    My beautiful daughter, Lindsay Rochelle MacIver, was born on February 20, 1983. From the moment she was born, there was something special about her. Growing up, our house was always busy. Spending time with her sisters, her friends, reading, going to Brownies, dance class, baseball, soccer, and basketball.
    In March 2004, just after his 15th birthday, Michael “Mikey” Friedman, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Shortly thereafter he began treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Mikey endured two surgeries, seven rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and radiation therapy, which caused his liver to fail.
    Before 13-year-old Erin Suszynski crossed Maple Road to walk to the playground with her friends, she called her dad to ask permission. "She didn't plead with me, and I was like, you know what, go ahead. But I want you to be careful," said Erin's father, Jerry Suszynski. "And she said Ok, Daddy. Thank you, I love you. And that was it."
    Kali J. Korzelius devoted much of her life, in her short time as an adult, fighting for young people battling the same disease that would claim her own life - cancer. After being diagnosed with brain cancer six years ago, the former Kali Mordaunt became involved with
    Tyvaier D’amone Jones was born on October 17, 1995 and was granted hisnangel wings on June 23, 2009 following an eighteen month battle withnHepatoblastoma (liver Cancer). His final days were spent surrounded bynfamily and friends.
    I don’t hate much in life… I have found hate to be such a wasted feeling, a draining emotion that gets me no where but I do hate one thing I hate cancer. Cancer – a devastating reality, a mean tyrant that all too often has its way and did.
    Jimmy Szafranski and 16 of his friends and family members watched a sabres game from Sabres' goalie Ryan Miller's suite less than nine months from loosing his battle to cancer on January 31, 2011. It was a suprise party his family will never forget.
    In July of 2011 Alexandria "Alix" Rice, was longboarding home when struck and killed by a drunk driver. Alix loved her longboard "Rupert". She also loved her friends. She would do almost anything for them. It was common to find that Alix had gone out of her way to turn a friends awful day around.
    Patrick Conway
    Patrick S. Conway, a Clarence resident and senior at Clarence Central High School, was 17 days away from his graduation when he died in a head-on collision between the motorcycle he was riding and a car on Main Street near Harris Hill Road in Clarence. He was 18.

    There was shock and sadness about the death of a junior firefighter who died in a car crash in Clarence. Friends and family are mourning the loss of Alex Hemline, a kind and caring teenager taken from this earth too soon.
    It was a question with no right answer that tugged heavy at the hearts of Damon Janes’ teammates when the 16-year-old died after a hit in a high school football game
    Sgt. William R. Wilson III, 27, of Getzville, N.Y., died in Paktika province in eastern Afghanistan after suffering wounds from small-arms fire. Wilson was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment in Grafenwöhr, part of the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade.
    Jed Woomer
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