Sean Galliher “Red Sox nation”

Sean Galliher Jr., while a senior at Williamsville North High School died on January 8, 2004 while running on a treadmill. He was an honor student, an accomplished artist and trumpet player, a baseball star. He volunteered at a soup kitchen and with the Special Olympics. He was good-looking, and girls loved him; other boys wanted to be like him. Sean died of an enlarged heart — or hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy — the same disease that killed Canisius basketball player Richard Jones a few months later. “I can’t tell you how bad it hurts to lose a child,” Sean Sr. said. “You couldn’t find words to convey how you feel. To this day, that’s all you think about. But after he died, the stories people told us . . . It’s amazing the impact he had on people.”   At the time of his death, it was a terrible time for the Williamsville North Community.  The Gallihers drove to a memorial service for Sean the day after his death and ran into a road block. Aaron Sikora, one of Sean’s classmates, had just been killed in an auto accident. Love and concern of a community pulled people through. Kids wrote poems and letters and e-mails, gave moving eulogies to Sean. A woman told Marcy about the time her daughter had been crying in school because she felt she was ugly. Sean told her she was beautiful. It changed the girl’s outlook entirely.